Is your window broken and do you need a glass company NOW? Don't wait and contact A&A in Amsterdam! A&A is a glass company who offers a 24/7 glass repair service in Amsterdam and nearby places like Amstelveen, Haarlem and Almere. 

We offer the following glass services:

  • 24/7 glass repair
  • Renovation of houses & buildings
  • Bathroom glass
  • Security glass

Our 24/7 glass repair based in Amsterdam has been established for over 60 years! Our staff are friendly, professional and always able to find a solution for you, even if your window is broken in the middle of the night! Our repairs range from replacing glass in the houses of Amsterdam to bigger jobs such as replacing shop windows with security glass.

A&A is a multifunctional glass repair company based in Amsterdam and we're waiting to replace your window NOW!  

Don't hesitate and contact us on 020-616 4331 or request a quote via this form